Nile Swim Club Guidelines 

Pool Use During COVID-19 

Due to current restrictions the 2021 season
will be a Members Only (and their invited guests) season.

2021 Season Hours: May 29-June 17: Weekends Only, 12PM-8PM

June 18-September 6: Daily, 12PM-8PM

Dear Members, 


In order to adhere to the guidelines established by Delaware County, the PA Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (February 1, 2021 guidelines) for opening pool facilities during the COVID-19 public health crisis, we must strictly follow the rules below, based on and in addition to national, state and local health guidelines.  Guidelines listed below must be strictly followed while on Nile Swim Club premises, and not following rules may result in the loss of pool/membership privileges and ultimately closure of the pool by the Delaware County Department of Health. Please keep these guidelines handy and carefully follow them for the safety of yourself, your family and the community. 


  1. If you are feeling ill or have symptoms of coronavirus please DO NOT ENTER the Nile Swim Club.  COVID-19 symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus.  Most common symptoms are as follows: fever and/or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficult breathing; fatigue, muscle/body aches, headache, new loss of taste/smell, sore throat, congestion/running nose, nausea/vomiting, and/or diarrhea.

  2. Members and guests are encouraged to bring your own chairs and remove when upon leaving the Nile Swim Club. Please return all NSC chairs to the designated area for cleaning after use. 

  3. Members and guests must shower before entering the pool. You are encouraged to shower at home and wear your suit under your clothes to avoid/minimize use of the common area changing rooms. 

  4. Members and guests must sign-in at the front desk every time you enter the Nile Swim Club

  5. Wash your hands with warm water for at least 20 seconds after signing in (use soap and water and/or hand sanitizer) before and after visiting the front desk area. 

  6. Face cloth masks must be worn on NSC grounds when interacting with individuals not in your family unit/household. For safety reasons, DO NOT wear a face mask in the water. Children 2 years and younger should not wear a mask, and anyone who has trouble breathing or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance. 

    1. Medical justification for not wearing a mask must be provided in the form of a signed physician document.  It is mandatory such member and/or visitor minimize interactions with other Nile Swim Club members outside of their group.

  7. Members of the Nile Swim Club are encouraged not to spit and must cover nose with tissue or elbow when sneezing.

  8. Read and follow all rules of the Nile Swim Club

  9. There are no more than 25 people allowed in the pool at any time -- please follow swim session guidelines to maintain use of the pool and maximize the Nile Swim Club experience.  .Practice social distancing = Keep 6 feet apart (length of a swim noodle is slightly less than 6 feet) from non-members of your family unit/household on NSC grounds and in the water.  Exception to the 6 feet rule are: i) rescue during distressed swimmer, and ii) pool evacuation due to emergency.

  10. Social distancing should be practiced in the water with anyone outside of your own household.

  11. Use and remove your own water accessories and toys not sharing with people outside of your household.

  12. Do not share goggles, nose clips or snorkels

  13. Do not share food, toys with persons outside of your family/household

  14. Swim sessions are divided into 45-minute sessions to follow PA Department of Health requirements limiting pool capacity to 25 people at a time. Please follow swim session guidelines to maintain use of the pool and maximize the Nile Swim Club experience. Nile Swim Club management/staff will monitor facility attendance and extend swim sessions as appropriate. 

  15. Please follow these guidelines in order to preserve our ability to keep the pool open during this public health emergency.

  16. Be advised that guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), federal, state or local authorities may change as the summer progresses.


The Nile Swim Club’s pool maintenance staff will always maintain proper water conditions, which will adhere in accordance with local and state recreational public pool standards.


In order to adhere to the guidelines established by the Delaware County for opening pools during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we must strictly follow the rules. Failure to adhere to these guidelines, which are enforceable by the State Police, may result in the loss of your pool privileges and ultimately closure of the pool by the Delaware County Department of Health.