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No Child Will Drown In Our Town Swim Clinic


No Child Will Drown in Our Town (NCWDOT) is a comprehensive swim lesson and water safety program focusing on safe swimming methods. NCWDOT will be offered FREE of charge to all children who reside within the boroughs that are a part of the William Penn School District. It is our mission to educate and give the gift of swimming  to every child and decrease the amount of drownings in children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States has more than 3,500 accidental drownings every year. That is almost 10 a day. Among these alarming numbers this: The fatal-drowning rate of African-American children ages 5-14 is three times that of Caucasian children.


During the 10-day swim program, NCWDOT takes an accelerated approach to swimming education by immediately immersing the children into a safe water experience. With 10-12 hours in the water and a 3:1 ratio, our goal is to endow each child with the tools to feel confident and to ultimately thrive in water. Based on the NCWDOT Swim Curriculum, our goal is to have all children complete the program on a Level 3 or above. The NCWDOT swim program is valued at  $600 per child for 10-hours of swim lessons and a $200 value per child for 4 hours of water babies classes.



Each NCWDOT swim session

  • Can accommodate 75 children, ages 5-13 and 20 children ages 12 months-4.

  • We have the capability to host six 2 week sessions for the 2019 season.

  • NCWDOT has the potential opportunity to serve over 300 children.

The Participants

  • Will be outfitted with a swim cap and goggles.

  • Are provided with a healthy light snack and beverage.

  • Will complete a pre- and post- program evaluation and be provided recommendations for future swim lessons.

  • Each family will be offered a reduced price offer for membership at the NSC.

NCWDOT 2019  Important Dates

  • April 27  9am-11am, Registration This is a first come,first serve opportunity. If we have more applicants than slots available, we will place those children on a wait list. You must attend this registration to apply.

  • June 1 and June 8, 9-11am, Orientation and Swim Tests These sessions are for all children selected for the program. They must attend at least one Orientation session to receive an overview of the program and complete a swim test.

  • June 17,2019, NCWDOT Kick-off!