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Get Involved

The every day life of the Nile Swim Club is run by our members.


ALL members are asked to get involved as part of their membership. At the Nile there is something for everyone! 



Check out our committee listing below to see where you fit...

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising committee is responsible for ensuring NSC has a fundraising plan that ensures the organization is fully funded.

Events Committee
The Events Committee is responsible for the developing, planning
 and execution of all NSC activities and events. 


Member Engagement Committee
The Member Engagement committee is responsible for ensuring NSC programs, events and activities have a viable and sustainable strategy and are achieving their intended goals as they relate to retaining membership and facilitating engagement and, supporting revenue growth.


Resource Development Committee

The RD&F Committee has direct responsible for grant writing, donor solicitation and unique events. The committee will have oversight of the specifics associated with fundraising, member engagement and social impact.

1. Advise the Board on fundraising activities and strategic development.

2. Establish Policies and Procedures as appropriate to ensure compliance with all government rules and regulations.

3. Develop plans and proposals related to fundraising (e.g., donor solicitation, sponsorship and activities).

4. Work with finance committee defining short and long- term funding needs.

5.  Annually submit strategic plans associated with the planning and budgeting process to the Board

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee consist of a Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and at least two (2) active members.
1. The Finance Committee shall prepare financial studies on such projects as may be assigned to it by the Board of Governors and shall conduct all financing of the corporation.
2. Submission of Budgets - The Finance Committee shall give to the Board of Governors at least thirty (30) days before the annual meeting a budget holding provisions for all expected expenditures of the Corporation for the forthcoming year. 


Membership Committee 

The Membership Committee consist of a chairperson and at least two (2) active members the committee shall: 

1. Shall plan and direct each year's campaign for recruiting new members if needed to fill the membership quota. 

2. Shall plan and recommend the budget needed for the execution of any membership recruiting operations. 

3. Shall each year recommend incentives for early payments of fees by members. 

4. Shall oversee the preparation of the early invoices for the membership; and upon approval by the Board of Governors, shall set the date for sending invoices. 

Operations Committee 
The Operations Committee consist of a Chairperson and at least two (2) active members. The Operations Committee shall: 

1. Recommend for employment properly qualified pool attendants, suggesting job description, rate of pay, and specific duties and functions of each employee. 

2. Recommend the rules and policies governing the operation of the Club, including time of opening, and closing, conduct of membership and guests while using the facilities of the Club. 

3. Monitor the performance of the manager and acting on all complaints affecting the employees with recommendations to the Board of Governors, 

4. Act on all complaints about the use of the facilities by other than members: reporting the same to the Board of Governors, together with recommendations. 

5. Recommend procedures for custodial care of building, grounds, other facilities, and equipment. 

6. Recommend procedures for the proper maintenance of the pool and pool facilities to ensure the safety and general welfare of the membership. 

7. Recommend to the Board of Governors all estimates for repairs for maintenance of the Club facilities, 

8. Have weekly examinations made of water and pool facilities, buildings, rounds, and other general operations and reporting the results to the Board of Governors. 


Improvements Committee
The Improvement Committee consist of a chairperson and at least two (2) active members the committee shall: 

1. Plan all improvements to the Club Property. Such plans, accompanied by cost estimates, must be given to the Board of Governors for approval. 

2. Plan for three (3) specific areas of improvements; namely, the pool and the pool facilities, the grounds, and the buildings. 


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