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We're committed to our community!

NCWDOT - No Child Will Drown In Our Town

No Child Will Drown in Our Town (NCWDOT) is a comprehensive swim lesson and water safety program focusing on safe swimming methods. NCWDOT will be offered FREE of charge to all children who reside within the boroughs that are a part of the William Penn School District as well as surrounding communities. It is our mission to educate and give the gift of swimming to every child and decrease the amount of drownings in children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States has more than 3,500 accidental drownings every year. That is almost 10 a day. Among these alarming numbers this: The fatal-drowning rate of African-American children ages 5-14 is three times that of Caucasian children.

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Our NCWDOT program is made possible by the USA Swimming Foundation Grant! 
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Nile Basketball Clinics - 2021 Debut

Debuting July 2021! We will launch a series of FREE programs for the youth beginning with the Nile Basketball Clinic. A partnership with YEAA will bring a youth basketball league to the Nile and the season will culminate with the 1st Annual Nile Celebrity Basketball Classic. From pick up games to competitive play, basketball is a great way to bring the entire community together at the Nile Swim Club.





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Nile Fitness -  Experience the Nile thru Fitness
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Nile Tennis Academy - Coming Soon!
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Jessie's Garden - Click HERE to learn more. 

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