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Nile Diving

This class meets on Saturdays and is free for members and guests. Participants must be at least 10 years old and have strong swimming skills. 

Divine I-Entry Level Diving -- 10am

Diving II - Beginner Diving Experience -- 11am


What you will need for the Clinic:

  • All divers must wear a proper swimsuit; Swim trunks (no underwear is to be worn under trunks) or One piece Swim Suit.  

  • No cut offs or basketball shorts, tee shirts or cover ups worn in the pool.

  • A bag, towel and sunblock.

  • A change of clothes is optional.

  • No water shoes allowed in pool.

Classes will take place rain or shine. If there is thunder or lightening classes may be delayed or postponed.

In this class divers will learn the basic stretches to adequately prepare them to engage diving maneuvers. Participants that have limited diving experience will be led through a series of lessons to improve their skills.

Each participant will acquire:  

  • Proper body mechanics-tie pointing, hand, head, arm coordination for entry. The importance of the core with hips and buttock. 

  • Each will learn how to properly elongate the body for entry maneuvers from the side of the pool and off the diving board. 

  • Each will learn to properly manipulate the diving board by learning to approach a dive, leave the board and enter the water( forwards and back wards).  

The goal of the course is that every participant will learn to do a front jump, rear jump, front dive tuck , pike, back dive layout, forward somersault tuck and back somersault tuck. 

We will conclude the diving season with attempting to do a Forward one and one-half somersault tuck. 

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