Winter doesn't slow members of Nile Swim Club from helping neighbors

February 7, 2021

Members dive in to help their community through turbulent waters.


The Nile Swim Club wages a heroic summer effort 

July 5, 2020

The Nile reopens summer 2020 


Two Entrepreneurs donate to save Nile Swim Club

February 18, 2019

Local entrepreneurs step up to help save the Nile Swim Club. Read more about Sam Patterson and Micheal Pearsons support of the Nile.  


The Nile Swim Club, historic African American pool club, averts closure in Delaware County, PA

September 13, 2018

Philadelphia Inquirer meets with life-long members and board members of the Nile following the Club's stay from scheduled sheriff's sale. 

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Nile Swim Club avoids tax sale - for now

September 11, 2018

The Philadelphia Tribune


Nile Swim Club maps out plan to stave off tax aution

August 24, 2018

Shawn Johnson, left, Anthony Patterson, Deborah Harris, Christopher Sample, Lisa Ivery, Clifford Brock and Michele Leftwich-Harper comprise the Nile Swim Club board, which is trying to prevent a Sept. 13 tax auction of the Yeadon property.


Yeadon's Nile Swim Club members set to meet

August 20, 2018

The Philadelphia Tribune 



Longtime Member and Board Member talks with Stephanie Renee on WURD Radio

September 21, 2018

Linda Ivery, Board of Governors member for the Historic Nile Swim Club of Yeadon, provides updates on how the org is recovering from financial hardship and building a vision for successful revitalization. -- PHILADELPHIA

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NSC President chats with Malik Boyd on Heart of the City Radio Show

September 13, 2018

NSC Board President Christopher Sample talks about the Save the Nile campaign with Malik Boyd on Heart of the City Radio Show (WWDB-AM Talk 860). Listen from 29:44-40:30 -- PHILADELPHIA